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One of my favorite treats…


One of the downsides of getting all your groceries a few days before Thanksgiving is that you have all this yummy food in the house and days to try and avoid it. One of my favorite things I bought today is Westfield Farms’ Capri Cranberry Orange Goat Cheese. I am lactose intolerant, so goat cheese works for me. If you love anything cranberry-orange as I do, I highly recommend this. Just buy two.

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It’s all about the food.

I come from a large Sicilian family. We are a very loud and very loving bunch. We LOVE to make food, share food, talk about food, and we’re usually planning our next meal before consuming our present one. Our favorite food is usually whatever we’re eating at the moment. My husband is Swedish and he tells me they are not obsessed with food, they have a normal relationship with food...

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