Eye Shadow Primer


I have been blessed/cursed with oily skin. The blessing is that my skin is thicker and less wrinkly. The curse is that it’s a challenge to keep makeup on my face. For years, no matter what liquid eyeliner I have used, my oily lids always eat it up. Even Bobbi Brown’s famed gel liner came off within hours – the saleswoman said that never happens…
I don’t wear eye shadow, but thought I would give an eye shadow primer a try. It wasn’t expensive, so there wasn’t much to lose if it didn’t work. What a surprise! I finally found a product that could stand up to my oily lids! All you need is one tiny dot spread onto the lids from your lash line to about halfway up and blend throughly – it dries quickly. Then apply your liquid liner. My liner lasts all day – even in the heat. I am so happy to have found a solution to this annoying little problem and hope it helps you too. I’ve provided the link below if you would like to see the product.

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